Isaac’s Birthday Fundraiser


This is week 3 of Isaac’s Birthday Fundraiser
If you make a donation to CedarLight in the name of this fundraiser, it will be matched and the lot donated in the name of the grove. You can donate to CedarLight through Paypal at
Just make sure you note the fundraiser in the notes.

Issac is thirsty!
Welcome to week three of the Land Fund Campaign in honor of our founder Issac Bonewits!
Samhain is right around the corner, lets toast our founder with a beverage. Belly up to the bar and buy Issac a beer, or a shot of his favorite single malt!

Want to buy a round? All who give $50 or more to this worthy cause will receive a bright and shiny commemorative Isaac’s Birthday laminated card with a photo of our founder and words of wisdom to celebrate the occasion.
In addition, those who contribute $50 or more will also get a copy of last year’s commemorative card. This is a perfect addition to anyone’s ritual space.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will directly support the ADF Land Fund, a fund established to help ADF secure its own land for learning, gathering,celebrating, for the Earth Mother and more!

Make a Donation
Help ADF Honor Isaac’s Birthday by Furthering His Vision!

Upcoming Events in October


Upcoming Events at CedarLight
Oct 15: Sunday morning rite. Afternoon Samahin planning and decorating.
Oct 22: Sunday morning rite. Afternoon discussion on Ancestor worship and our gatekeeper for Samhain, the Morrighan.
Oct 26: Reiki Share 7-9pm
Oct 29: Sunday morning rite. Afternoon final Samhain preparation and discussion on the results of our yearly theme divinations.
Nov 4: Samhain High Rite, see event tab on the left of this page.

Upcoming events


Today 9/24/17: The day after a High Rite there are no events, mostly because we are all exhausted.
Thurs. 9/28: We will have a Reiki Share starting at 7PM.
Sunday 10/1: Regular Sunday morning events. Afternoon:
1PM. We will discuss the omen and how that weaves itself into the next HR of Samhain and the ancestors.
~2:30 PM We will have our next installment of Ogham training.

Hope to see you there!

Upcoming events


This week at CedarLight.
The normal morning potluck brunch and Sunday blessing rite we call Walk with the OldOnes.

After noon we have a guest speaker, Cat Heath, who will be presenting a workshop on the Anglo Saxon god Ing.

Ing – From God of the World to Devil
The god Ing holds a special position in English Heathenism. As mythical ancestor of the early English, he was an ancestral god, a wain god, a mound god, and god of the harvest.
Join us for a short workshop following a wain-trail of ribald fertility rites, blood-bought crops, “demonic” elves, and a god-made-devil.

*Come join us!

Our 2016-17 Tree Planting Fundraiser


Update:  Our 2016-2017 tree planting fundraiser planted 1019 trees!    Huzzah!  Hail the Folk!

CedarLight’s 2016-17 tree planting fundraiser will run through the end of July. Only $2 will plant a tree. If you still want to donate you can do so through paypal: or personally at CedarLight on Thursday or Sunday. Go Go CedarLight!