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**Important* As of Jan 6, 2014, membership costs for CedarLight Grove, ADF is going up to $55.00 per year.

Greetings Druids and Dear Friends of CedarLight Grove
May the arms our beloved OldOnes embrace you, Their blessings engulf you, Their love uphold you. We greet you now with Grace of all Their names, and in the fellowship of CedarLight Grove.

The Witan of CedarLight Grove invites you to become a supporting member of our fellowship and our sanctuary to the OldOnes. CedarLight Grove, is a Druid Fellowship in the Pagan community dedicated to the worship of the Gods and Goddesses, the Ancestors, the Spirits of Nature and Mother Earth or as we call them all, the OldOnes. Your membership will ensure CedarLight’s future and enable us to continue our mission of worship, of service and of teaching. The OldOne’s deserve no less. The OldOnes deserve a sanctuary where Their people can gather to worship, to pray and to learn the lessons of Earth’s teachings. They deserve the honor and the love that the Sanctuary of CedarLight manifests.

Please consider joining CedarLight Grove as a supporting member now with a $50 donation. Your small yearly membership of $50 goes far towards empowering our mission. If you wish, we can use $20 of each year’s membership to annually also enroll you as an a member with ADF. Having you as a member of ADF will enable CedarLight to support the national activities of ADF, and to continue to operate as a fully chartered grove of ADF.

CedarLight stands now as the second oldest grove of ADF. In become a member, you are joining an enduring legacy of service to the larger pagan fellowship, and faithful dedication to the worship of the OldOnes.

CedarLight most assuredly recognizes and honors the value of all our supporting members. These members know the importance of the work undertaken by CLG. Many support us with their financial donations. They make a most important commitment when they so act to support and promote our efforts. For others, this commitment can only take the form of dedicated work and the contribution of their services. We much need and value such contributions too as, of course, there is much “sweat equity” required to keep our activities alive, our sanctuary active, and our service to the OldOnes true.

The Book of CedarLight records the names our members. These people have committed to sharing their wisdom, support, time and money with CLG. They helped to envision and annunciate the vision that manifests now as CedarLight Grove. We invite you to add your insights and dreams. We also have contributing (or associate) members and two lifetime members. Contributing members of CedarLight bring their joy and love of fellowship to brighten many of our activities. You’ll find our contributing members regularly frequenting CedarLight Center, scurrying away on field trips, and most importantly, participating in our High Rites to worship the OldOnes.
CedarLight’s faithful and regular worship of the High Rites for the OldOnes during each of the eight Old Holidays became from the first, as it endures to this day, the primary commitment of our Grove. Since our first High Rite of Summer in 1990, we’ve found many splendid sanctuaries for our worship. Over the years, our worship of the OldOnes took us from the suburban banks of the Patapsco to the forested shores of the Susquehanna, to the pine bogs of the Severn and the highland springs of the Codoros Creek headwaters. Free Spirit honored CLG with an invitation to conduct our Summer Solstice High Rite for their community gathering. Occasionally we ventured out to worship a High Rite with a neighboring Grove, rather than celebrating our own services. In those early days, Waters of the Brandywine lay to our north east. Mugwort Grove grew up to our south west. Always, whether celebrating our own liturgy or on pilgrimage to join in the worship of one of our kindred Groves, we held fast to our dedication to regular, open, available and public worship of the OldOnes.
In the fall of 1996 CedarLight undertook a pioneering effort in the service of the OldOnes by establishing a real and physical sanctuary in Their honor. This sanctuary we call CedarLight Center. CLC is a residential, teaching, and sanctuary facility located in suburban Baltimore City. This center’s existence establishes CedarLight as a leader positioned well in the fore of those working to re-establish religious worship in the Old Ways as a recognized, vital and viable contribution to the faith-based community of religions, both locally and nationally.

CedarLight Grove struggled, endured and grew. Recognizing the strength of our faith the OldOnes kept us strong. We became widely known as a strong faith-based congregation. Through our commitment to the worship of the OldOnes, we became known, too, as the congregation that invited all to join in our worship of the Old Religions. CLG attends particularly to the spiritual lives of our grove’s members, but also serves the whole of the Pagan community. Indeed, CLG serves the whole of our wider community and world without regard to faith. Many people joined CLG along the way, sharing in the adventures, joys and the burdens of our religious community for a few months or a few years, as the course of their lives allowed. We’ve shared many fond moments; cherished many memories, found many beloved friends; and, yes, we’ve fought a few battles.

CedarLight, your local Baltimore area affiliate of Ar nDraiocht Fein, stands today as one of ADF’s most enduring. CLG began when Susan, Annora and Will convened their first meeting during the Free Spirit Beltane celebration in 1990. Soon after that first meeting in Green Belt Park just outside Washington DC, CLG began regular meetings in downtown Baltimore. Throughout our first summer, we held biweekly meetings on the front steps of the Baltimore Art Museum and the adjoining areas of The Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood campus. We celebrated our first High Rite over the Summer Solstice Holiday at Will’s house on the banks of the Patapsco River. A few days after we celebrated our fifth High Rite over the Winter Solstice, we formally met, signed and sealed our ADF Grove Charter during a visit to the Columbia UU Fellowship for a Wiccan Winter Circle.

So began CedarLight’s history that now stretches back more than ten years and embraces hundreds of friends. Our regular meetings soon became a weekly gathering for fellowship known then, as they are today, as the Rites of Caffeena. We explored diverse venues, including both public and private; and diverse protocols and structures for those early gatherings. Our meetings moved from the Homewood area of Baltimore, first out to suburban Columbia, then back into Baltimore’s Fells Point. We moved for a time to a café in South Baltimore before settling into our own facility at CedarLight Center.

Now, without forgetting the past nor losing its lessons, CedarLight steps forward into a new era stronger than ever. Strengthened by our tested and proven faith in the OldOnes, and buoyed by Their Grace, we greet with enthusiasm the many new and unexplored wonders awaiting us, even as we cherish all what remains. Now, as it ever has been, the visions and inspirations that fire CedarLight well up in the hearts of our members. The wisdom of the OldOnes speaks to our community through each of you. The sustenance that nourishes CedarLight and empowers our continued service to the OldOnes, indeed to the whole of our community flows through you. The belief and faith that will fire CedarLight to remain a real and vital community sanctuary burns bright within you, even as it burned in those who’ve gone before.

Please join us now as a supporting member for our annual membership of $50. Please also consider joining us at a higher level of giving. Your added contribution will enable us to regularly offer more quality instructional programming to the faith-based community of Baltimore that would benefit so much by more exposure to the teachings of Earth and the Old Religions. You will help us to complete more charitable activities within our Pagan fellowship. You can do much to speed the coming of the day that sees the return our beloved OldOnes to their right and proper place in the worship of the human family and the honored pantheons of human history.
Many warm and hearty thanks for your thoughts and your prayers.

May you ever Walk in the Love of the OldOnes,
Crystal Groves, Senior Druid Emeritus

The Vision Statement
CedarLight Grove, ADF

We Dedicate Ourselves:
To create & maintain a safe, supportive, &
tolerant religious community within which we may practice,
study, & discuss earth based spiritual traditions.
We are learning to walk with the OldOnes.

We Dedicate Ourselves:

To guard & serve the earth, its ecosystem
and the diversity of spiritual practice
present in the pagan community.
We strive to walk lightly upon the earth