A Welcoming Overview of CedarLight Grove:


CedarLight Grove, a church in the community of Natural Religions, is a non-profit corporation registered with the IRS and the State of Maryland. We serve the Baltimore and Southern Pa area, and invite all to share with us in celebrating the natural diversity of religious experience and expression.

We are the local Baltimore grove of Ár nDraíocht Fein. Our grove was provisionally chartered in May of 1991. We encourage all CedarLight members to join ADF and to complete the ADF Dedicant’s Program.

We have regular meetings at CedarLight Center. Most meetings are open events and include dicussion of various topics of mutual interest and concern.

We also gather to celebrate the old holidays at the solar and cross quarter days. All of our celebrations are free and open to the public. We’ve worked with Mugwort Grove, in Washington DC and Crann Bethadh, at Highland Farms, in Glenville PA.

CedarLight Center is the only pagan church in Maryland and is supported with members’ dues and donations. CedarLight Center was purchased in 1996 with the generous contributions of our founding members. Without all its members’ contributions CedarLight Center would not be the wonderful place it is today. Drop your dead presidents into Dagda’s Cauldron and watch them be reborn!

  • 2000- flagstone walk in sanctuary
  • 2001- new windows for the entire building
  • 2002- new roof, archway into sanctuary
  • 2003- new awnings*, expansion of flagstone walkway*
  • 2004- new Dun Elphame pavillion
  • 2006- new back railings and lead paint removal
  • 2007 – fundraiser to pay off our first mortgage, raised over $12,000 since December 2006, with just $6,000 left to pay. Mortgage will be paid off by April 2008. **UPDATE** We received a donation of $55,000 to pay off BOTH of our mortgages. CLG is now Mortgage free!

* = In progress