Introduction to CedarLight Grove:


Who are we? In brief, we are Cedar Light Grove Inc., a church of Ar nDraiocht Fein, A Druid Fellowship. We stand as a nonprofit religious and educational corporation organized to pursue the full spectrum of legal activities as practiced by any religious organization, including a variety of charitable, educational, and community service affairs. Our belief and practices are mostly based upon those of the ancient Celtic Druids. We seek to ensure that a love for the Old Ways, as expressed in a comprehensive and inclusive polytheistic faith and green living, is carried across the bridge into the future.

General Beliefs and Affirmations
Our Vision Statement

We Dedicate Ourselves:
To create & maintain a safe, supportive, & tolerant religious community within which we may practice, study, & discuss earth based spiritual traditions. We are learning to walk with the OldOnes.

We Dedicate Ourselves:
To guard & serve the earth, its ecosystem and the diversity of spiritual practice present in the pagan community. We strive to walk lightly upon the earth.

To Our World
We are dedicated to the central belief that our Earth is sacred and that we must strive to live in ways that preserve and protect Her. We advocate and attempt to practice, as an integral part of our faith, ecological and environmental research, education and responsibility in keeping with our reverence for and worship of Earth. This we express in both the ways of science and the ways of Magic as displayed in open, inclusive, and public ceremonies to worship the seasons of Earth, the Old Ones, and the rites of passage that mark the cycles of our lives.

On the Traditions We Choose to Follow
We believe or accept Neo Pagan Druidism to be a comprehensive and highly inclusive polytheistic faith.

Although ‘modernized’ to remove those aspects that are no longer valid or necessary (such as tribal warfare and human or animal sacrifice), our beliefs and practices are primarily based on the teachings of the ancient Celtic Druids. While our main focus is upon the pantheon and mythology of the Celts of ancient Britain and Ireland, we welcome and include all Indo- European traditions as well. Further, because of the documented interconnectivity of the ancient world, we have no serious problems with incorporating Eastern and Native American beliefs into our group as well.

We hold, as our vision, to trust in the value that diversity brings to our community and seek to integrate individual differences, personal spiritual practices and teachings that each of our members bring to our sacred space into a common tapestry rather than attempting to mold them into some preconceived uniformity. We choose to blend the many shapes and sizes of human knowing, being and believing into a shared resource that enriches all of us as we claim for our own the great American flipside; “e pluribus unum,” one from many.

Thus with an emphasis on their potential to inspire and a desire for excellence, we honor and welcome all those who support the restoration of functional religion to the “novus ordo seclorum.”

We advocate and strive to practice, as an integral part of our faith, scientific and scholarly research and debate about the ancient Druids, the Indo Europeans, comparative religion, folklore, ethnomusicology, and all fields of human knowledge; integrating scientific and intuitive conciseness into lives of tolerance and respect for ourselves, our world and all that dwells therein.