High Rite: Yule


Yule Winter Solstice in Baltimore Maryland

This year’s Yule Rite ritual will be December 29th, 2018.
3:00 PM:  The doors will open to the public.
4:00 PM:  There will be a pre-ritual brief to explain the rite and teach the songs.
5:30 PM:  The rite will start.  All High Rites are open to the public, so feel free to bring a friend 🙂
-After the rite:
Pot luck feast, please bring a dish to pass.
-Secret Yulbok Gift Exchange:
If you would like to participate, bring a wrapped gift with a value of not greater than $20. 
-Pagan/heathen Yule Carols will be sung
-General all round merriment

We will not be holding an all night vigil this year.

Times are subject to change, please check before you leave.

Lore of the Season & Ritual Information

In Sweden, Thor was once seen as the Yule Father who brought food and gifts during the long nights season in his cart pulled by his 2 goats.  After the conversion, this devolved into just his goats and then a goat or a person dressed as a goat and finally to a magical goat who is led a Tomte, a small household or land spirit.

Suggested Offerings

  • Yule cards to the gods or ancestors
  • Letters to the future about how we celebrate Yule in our current spiritual practice.
  • Cookies & spice bundles that can be put into the fire
  • Liquid offerings to be poured into the blot bowl unless it is over 80 proof.Alcohol
  • Incense, Flowers, & Herbs
  • Milk & Honey
  • Bardic works or dances you have created (please let the ritual team know ahead of time so they can slot you in)

Ritual Etiquette

  • Do not honor deities of different pantheons than those being honored at this rite
  • Keep all electronic devices like cellphones and tablets off or turned down. Electrical devices ARE, however, allowed to be used to recite offerings.
  • Offerings will be mainly given in silence as a group, but if you have something you wish to say, sing, or recite, let the Chief Liturgist know ahead of time so they can make time for your offering
  • Do not declare any oaths during the rite without expressed permission from the Chief Liturgist well before the rite.
  • During our Yule Rite, the members of CedarLight have the ability to reaffirm their oaths to CedarLight. This is optional, but is also for members who have signed the book only.
  • Please be aware of small children, it will be dark and we don’t want them falling or getting dangerously close to the fire.
  • *** In this rite, we will all be bringing coffee mugs for this as the waters will be mulled wine and spiced cider (hot), feel free to bring your favorite insulated mug if you like.
  • Do not take offerings off of the altar that are not yours

What to Bring?

Bring a Dish for the Potluck!

Participants who bring a dish to share are welcome to participate in the feast. Your dish should serve approximately 6-10 people. Please label whether your dish has meat or not on an index card or paper for our vegetarians.
**IMPORTANT:  We have folk with severe food allergies!  Please label your ingredients!
CELERY (juice and seed)
This doesn’t mean you can’t bring these things, it means it has to be labeled….PLEASE!

Suggested Seasonal Food to Bring:

  • Anything Seasonal!
  • Chili’s & stews & soups
  • Cookies (gingerbread, but all kinds!)
  • Ancestor recipes
  • Pies
  • Stuffing, Potatoes, Roasted vegetables
  • Homemade breads

There are cans of sodas and bottled water available at the Grove for $1.00 each. Feel free to contribute beverages to the Grove!

Dress Warmly

The rite will be held outside so please dress for being outside for about an hour. This means: foot and hand warmers, lap blankets, warm coats/cloaks/hats/gloves/etc, favorite insulated mug(s). If you have a chair you’d like to sit in during the High Rites, we suggest bringing that too.
Remember:  In the colder times of year, hand & toe warmers are your friends!


All CedarLight events have a suggested donation of $10 per person. This can be contributed to Dagda’s Cauldron either at the Grove, or online via paypal to cedarlightgrove@gmail.com. All donations go towards CedarLight Center bills and upkeep.

Yule Auction to support CedarLight Grove!

No auction this year, sorry, but we can only do so much in one night.


Children and Pets

We do not have children’s activities planned for this rite. Children are always welcome. Please be sure to keep an eye on them as there are stairs and candles that could be dangerous.  We encourage the teaching of proper ritual etiquette. Pets however, are not allowed unless they are service animals.