High Rite: Midsummer


This year’s Midsummer Rite ritual will be June 24th, 2017 at CedarLight Center. The main ritual starts at 7:30pm,  the doors open to the public at 3pm.   Please arrive no later than 6pm so that you won’t miss the pre-ritual brief. All High Rites are open to the public, so feel free to bring a friend 🙂

This year, because the rite will be later to coincide with sunset, we will be having a feast/picnic starting about 4PM with the a Blessing of the Food prayer to Manannan Mac Lir.  There will be pulled pork and smoked salmon provided by our founder.  The folks are encouraged to bring side dishes.  The grill will be hot, folks can bring hot dogs and burgers if they want to cook those.  Desserts will be saved for after the ritual.
As always, please wash your own dishes.

Times are subject to change, please check before you leave.

Lore of the Season & Ritual Information

 Manannan Mac Lir is a multifaceted god.  He is associated with the shoreline and the mists, he can open the ways to the otherworld where his kingdom lies, the land of apples and youth.  He is a god who teaches wisdom and is connected tot he well and the salmon of wisdom.  We tends the herds of swine of the Tuatha de Dannan which give immortality when eaten.  He carries the apple branch of peace which is more than just peace from war, it is peace of mind, the deep peace one feels near running water or the ocean.  He is a god of protection and on the Isle of Mann, each midsummer they make offerings of sea grass to Manannan to keep them safe and in effect pay their rent for the coming year.   We will be calling on him for all these things.

We are also celebrating CedarLight’s 27th birthday this midsummer.  It was 27 years ago this midsummer that Will, Annora, and Susan performed an ADF ritual and all night vigil on the banks of the Patapsco river and at sunrise the next morning the name CedarLight was born.

We will be finishing up a year’s worth of donations towards planting trees through the Arbor Day Foundation.  We are about 200 trees short of 1000 trees planted since last midsummer.  There is a tree donation can at the grove but you could also donate through paypal at:cedarlightgrove@gmail.com.  $2 will plant 1 tree.

Suggested Offerings

  • Sea/water grasses that grow along the water
  • Incense, Yellow Flowers, & Herbs  (these could be to plant at the grove or simply be blessed on the altar and take back home)
  • Alcohol/Beer
  • Bardic works you have created or simply want to sing or read (please let the ritual team know ahead of time so they can slot you in)
  • Hand-crafted items

PLEASE NOTE:  We take oaths very seriously.  Any oaths given as an offering MUST be cleared with the Senior Druid prior to the High Rite. Please see Caryn upon arrival if you plan on giving an oath.

Ritual Etiquette

  • Do not honor deities of different pantheons than those being honored at this rite
  • Keep all electronic devices like cellphones and tablets off or turned down. Electrical devices ARE, however, allowed to be used to recite offerings.
  • Offerings will be mainly given in silence as a group, but if you have something you wish to say, sing, or recite, let the Chief Liturgist know ahead of time so they can make time for your offering
  • Do not declare any oaths during the rite without expressed permission from the Chief Liturgist well before the rite.
  • If your children are noisy or wandering around the ritual space, please remove them temporarily until they can compose again in the ritual space. We are very children friendly, but we also don’t want them accidentally falling into the ritual fire.
  • Membership Beads may be available for members only. Please do not take a bead if you are not a registered member of CedarLight.
  • If you are sick, we ask that you not drink from the horn or chalice during the Waters of Life. We will make sure to have personal vessels available so you can still drink from the Waters of Life without sharing germs 🙂
  • Do not take offerings off of the altar that are not yours

What to Bring?

Bring a Dish for the Potluck!

Participants who bring a dish to share are welcome to participate in the feast. Your dish should serve approximately 6-10 people. Please label whether your dish has meat or not on an index card or paper for our vegetarians. It’s also a good idea to list the ingredients if available for other food sensitivities.

Suggested Seasonal Food to Bring:

  • Cold dishes such as salads, potato, macaroni, tuna, seafood, pasta, due to the heat
  • Hot dogs or burgers for the grill
  • Fresh fruit
  • Sun themed dishes
  • Anything Seasonal!
  • Desserts for after the rite

There are cans of sodas and bottled water available at the Grove for 50 cents each. Feel free to contribute beverages to the Grove!

Dress Appropriately

The High Rite will be done outdoors, and it may be hot. So be prepared and bring some cooler clothes, sunscreen or a hat and bugspray. If you have a chair you’d like to sit in during the High Rites, we suggest bringing that too.  We will try to be prepared for afternoon showers but you never know in the summer, an umbrella can’t hurt.


All CedarLight events have a suggested donation of $10 per person. This can be contributed to Dagda’s Cauldron either at the Grove, or online via paypal to cedarlightgrove@gmail.com. All donations go towards CedarLight Center bills and upkeep.

Children and Pets

Children are welcome to all CedarLight events, but must be attended at all times because our center is not child proof,  there are stairs, fires, candles and small items that could be swallowed. We do not yet have children activities planned for this event. Pets however, are not allowed because we have learned from past mistakes that not everyone knows how to approach an animal and not every animal will behave predictably with many strangers around.  Thank you for understanding.