High Rite: Fall Equinox


Mabon Fall Equinox in Baltimore Maryland

Harvest Home

This year’s Harvest Home Rite ritual will be:
September 18th, 2021 at CedarLight Center and on Zoom
3:00 PM: Ritual team may arrive at CedarLight Center
4:00PM:  Guests may arrive at Grove, Feast Begins
5:30 PM:  Zoom room will open and link will be posted
6:00 PM:  Pre-ritual brief
7:00 PM:  Harvest Home ritual begins

Please note: We are still complying with all Baltimore City and state of Maryland rules for COVID-19. Right now, that means full masking indoors.  There may be limited space available for folks not on the ritual team to celebrate with us at CedarLight Center. Please email events@cedarlightgrove.org if you’d like to inquire about the possibility of reserving a space. The members  of the grove have voted to require all persons attending events at the grove to be fully vaccinated for the safety of all present.  If you don’t want to flash your card, you can send me, Caryn MacLuan Senior Druid at caryn@cedarlightgrove.org and I will check you off on our spreadsheet.  None of these files will be saved other than the tracking spreadsheet.

The rite will be available to all interested parties on Zoom, and you can email events@cedarlightgrove.org for more information on how to join our Zoom meetings. The Zoom link will be posted on our public Facebook page and can also be emailed out for those who do not use Facebook.

Prayer & Focus of the Rite
“Sharing Blessings”

Fundraisers:  We are still collecting funds to plant trees, support the American Chestnut foundation, and to seed the Chesapeake Bay with baby oysters. We encourage folks to donate items or money to local food banks. So many are struggling with hunger during these uncertain times (don’t forget the pets at the animal shelters!)

All High Rites are open to the public, so feel free to bring a friend 🙂

Times are subject to change, please check before you leave.

Lore of the Season & Ritual Information

Prayer: Joy, Frith, Thanksgiving
We gather this year for an Anglo-Saxon rite honoring  Edgeonga (Iðunn) and Ing. In celebration of the equinox, our gatekeepers will be Thunor.

Suggested Offerings

  • Donations to local food banks
  • Baked cookies, biscuits, or cakes
  • Flowers, wheat stalks, apples, corn
  • Incense
  •  Libations (mead, beer, etc.)
  • Apple, peach, pumpkin, and game meat dishes
  • Performance offerings (see Aurora or Eric G. for approval)
  •  Acts of community-building, thanksgiving, and frith (we will fill out thank you cards – see below)
  • Donations to our Earth Friendly fundraisers
  • Bardic works you have created (please let the ritual team know ahead of time so they can slot you in)
  • Thank you cards to the folk
    For the main offering, please write a thank you to someone in the Grove for something they have done to maintain CLG, build frith, etc. You may write as many as you like. These cards should be anonymous (do not include your name, but DO include the name of the person being thanked). Three people will read out all the cards to the group and the physical cards will be burnt as part of the prayer of sacrifice.

    Ritual garb: Ritual team and attendees are encouraged to wear appropriate ritual garb if they wish.

PLEASE NOTE:  We take oaths very seriously.  Any oaths given as an offering MUST be cleared with the Senior Druid prior to the High Rite. Please see Caryn upon arrival if you plan on giving an oath.

Waters of Life at CedarLight Center will be apple cider, both the hard and non-alcoholic versions will be available. Folks on Zoom are welcome to participate with one of these beverages, or the beverage of your choice, for the return flow.

Ritual Etiquette

  • Please keep yourself muted in the Zoom room unless you are giving a praise offering or otherwise directly participating in the ritual. We ask that folks remain muted during the routine “call and response” portions of our liturgy.
  • DO NOT BLOCK THE NEIGHBORS’ DRIVEWAYS!  Please give them enough room on either side of the space to swing cars in.
  • Do not honor deities of different pantheons than those being honored at this rite
  • Keep all electronic devices like cellphones and tablets off or turned down. Electrical devices ARE, however, allowed to be used to recite offerings.
  • Do not declare any oaths during the rite without expressed permission from the Chief Liturgist well before the rite.
  • If your children are noisy or wandering around the ritual space, please remove them temporarily until they can compose again in the ritual space. We are very children friendly, but we also don’t want them accidentally falling into the ritual fire and the ground is uneven.
  • Membership Beads may be available for members.
  • If you are sick, we ask that you not drink from any shared drinking vessels. We will make sure to have personal vessels available.  You are welcome to bring your own also.
  • Do not take offerings off of the altar that are not yours

What to Bring?

Bring a Dish for the Potluck!

Participants who bring a dish to share are welcome to participate in the feast. Your dish should serve approximately 4-6 (or more) people. Please label your dish, we have vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores. 
** We have folks with severe allergies and food sensitivities so a list the ingredients if available is much appreciated.**

We will have some social time on Zoom after the rite to partake in remote feasting.

Suggested Seasonal Food to Bring:

  • Chilis
  • Stews and Soups
  • Fall Harvest related dishes
  • Anything Seasonal!  Apples!

There are cans of sodas and bottled water available at the Grove for $1.00 each. Feel free to contribute beverages to the Grove!

Dress Warmly

The High Rite will be done outdoors, and it may be chilly. So be prepared and bring some warm clothes. If you have a chair you’d like to sit in during the High Rites, we suggest bringing that too.


All CedarLight events have a suggested donation of $10 per person. This can be contributed to Dagda’s Cauldron either at the Grove, or online via paypal to cedarlightgrove@gmail.com. All donations go towards CedarLight Center bills and upkeep.

Children and Pets

Children are welcome to all CedarLight events, but small children must be attended at all times because our center is not child proof,  there are stairs, fires, candles and small items that could be swallowed. We do not yet have children activities planned for this event however that can change if we know they are coming.

Pets however, are not allowed because we have learned from past mistakes that not everyone knows how to approach an animal and not every animal will behave predictably with many strangers around.  Thank you for understanding.