High Day: Imbolc


This year’s Imbolc Rite will be February 6th, 2021. Our prayer is TBD.

  • 4:30 PM: Zoom room opens.
  • 5:00 PM: Pre-ritual briefing.
  • 5:30 PM: Imbolc Rite.
  • Cost:  $10.00 suggested donation

NOTE: Due to COVID regulations, Cedarlight Center will only be open to a pre-determined skeleton crew of ritual team participants. All are welcome to join us via Zoom. Zoom login information is also pasted at the bottom of this page.

Times are subject to change, please check our website blog, our Event Calendar or our Imbolc Facebook event for the most up-to-date information on the ritual.

Times are subject to change, please check before you leave.

Lore of the Season & Ritual Information

Our hearth culture will be Irish. Main deity honored will be Brigid in Her many forms, the Dagda will serve as our Gatekeeper.

Imbolc is not a day, it’s a season and it was a month long from the rise of the wolf moon to the rise of the next full moon.  It was a time of new beginnings with the birth of both lambs and babies happening both of which called for preparation and work to be done to help keep the young alive.  It was also a time to the young wolf warriors to enter into the tribe as adults.  There were baths, haircuts, new clothes and weaponry to prepare the new adult for the raiding/campaign season in the coming year.  It was a time to celebrate the new arrivals and do the hard work to stay alive until the Spring Equinox when the rabbits go into rut and the hens start laying eggs and everyone gets the protein they have been lacking. 

In a modern context,  it is a time to clean out, de-clutter, simplify and purify our homes.  It’s a time to consider the details of what must happen in the coming year and consider our priorities especially in regards to the waters, the air, and the land as in conservation and sustainability.  Brigid is a goddess of both fire and water, we have to pay attention to both.  She is a goddess of doing the hard work, the work that must be done. We must do the work of keeping the waters of the Earth clean.  Tending the Fire, HER fire, means not only carrying Her fire in our hearts, minds, and bodies, but it also means doing the work in our home, in our grove, and out in the world. As Druids, we hold Earth to be alive and sacred. Our omens have called us to “do the work” and “walk our talk” in every way. We have been called to get out in the world and do the work to teach others to walk gently on the Earth, to do our part to clean the waters, to plant the trees, to live sustainably on our planet home. 


Suggested Offerings

  • Create a “brat bride”, or healing cloth blessed by Brigid, by leaving a cloth outdoors on Imbolc Eve for the goddess to bless. More information on Irish Imbolc traditions can be found here.
  • Alcohol (high proof alcohol can be offered directly to your home hearth fire)
  • Incense, Flowers, & Herbs
  • Milk & Honey
  • Bardic works you have created (please let the ritual team know if you have a praise offering you’d like to perform)

Ritual Etiquette

  • Do not honor deities of different pantheons than those being honored at this rite
  • PLEASE KEEP YOURSELF MUTED ON ZOOM unless you are giving an individual invocation as part of the liturgy or performing a praise offering. Group call and responses should remain muted unless otherwise requested by the Chief Liturgist. Attendees who continually disrupt the ritual with background noise because they are unmuted will be removed from the Zoom room.
  • Offerings will be mainly given in silence as a group, but if you have something you wish to say, sing, or recite, let the Chief Liturgist know ahead of time so they can make time for your offering
  • Do not declare any oaths during the rite without expressed permission from the Chief Liturgist well before the rite
  • During our Imbolc Rite, the members of CedarLight who wish to dedicate or rededicate themselves to Brigid will have the ability to make an oath to Her. This is optional for those who are interested.

Post-Rite Revels

If participants wish to hang out after the rite, the Zoom room will remain open for socializing. Feel free to bring dinner and make it a virtual potluck! We won’t even nag you about washing the dishes!


All CedarLight events have a suggested donation of $10 per person. This can be contributed to Dagda’s Cauldron either at the Grove, or online via paypal to cedarlightgrove@gmail.com. All donations go towards CedarLight Center bills and upkeep.

Zoom Login Information

The Zoom room will open for the rite at 4:30pm. Please do not try to log in earlier than this, you’ll be sitting in the lobby all by yourself!

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