High Day: Beltane


A virtual Beltane with CedarLight Grove.
When:  May 2, 2020 at 7PM
Where:  Zoom link will be provided on the members and friends FB page and to anyone who provides an email address to clg@cedarlightgrove.org  prior to the day of the rite so we can prep the email to go out once the meeting is set up.

We will be opening the meeting at 6PM to allow for folks to find their way to the meeting and provide any help they might need.  We all know why this is necessary and while we miss our sanctuary and all of you, our collective health is more important right now.  We continue to assess to situation as it evolves and maybe we will be able to be back in our sacred space soon.

Lore of the Season & Ritual Information

Our previous omens and Earth have led us towards a focus on what we need to be doing, not just for ourselves but also for Earth in these difficult times.  We understand that the deeds of today will manifest into the wyrd of the future and we should be doing our very best to ensure the greater good for all.
Prayer: Weaving the Wyrd for the Future

Deities of the Occasion

Brigantia for bardic inspiration and protection 
Camalus the warrior to protect us from that which would bring us harm
Cernunous as the gatekeeper
Lugus, god of all skills and wisdom
Rosmerta, goddess of sovereignty, the great provider and prophetess
as Deities of the Occasion

Suggested Offerings

  • Alcohol/Beer  (not on the ground please)
  • Incense, Flowers, & Herbs
  • Bardic works you have created (please let the ritual team know ahead of time
  • Hand-crafted items
  • Main Offering:  Letters to the Grandchildren and the Future.  Write up our experiences as druids in this pandemic and how it has impacted our spirituality, our community, and our Beltane rite as part of our Weaving the Wyrd and the legacy we leave for the future.  You can send them to caryn@cedarlightgrove.org

PLEASE NOTE:  We take oaths very seriously.  Any oaths given as an offering MUST be cleared with the Senior Druid prior to the High Rite. Please see Caryn upon arrival if you plan on giving an oath.

Ritual Etiquette in a virtual setting

  • Make certain that background noises are kept to a minimum as they will be picked up by your microphone.  If that’s not possible, mute your mic and enjoy the rite that way.
  • Parts that we all speak or sing along, the group will be muted.
  • Do not honor deities of different pantheons than those being honored at this rite
  • Have your offerings set up near you and whatever you want for the waters of life
  • If you want to pull you own omen, then you will need your divination tools nearby
  • Offerings will be mainly given in silence as a group, but if you have something you wish to say, sing, or recite, let the Chief Liturgist know ahead of time so they can make time for your offering

What to Bring?

Other than what was discussed above, you may want snacks and something to drink with the folk after the rite.  

Suggested Seasonal Food:

  • Chilis and other fiery dishes
  • Stews and Soups
  • Flower dishes
  • Salads:  vegetable, pasta, potato, etc
  • Red colored foods (strawberries, cherries, etc)
  • Anything Seasonal!

Dress for the Weather if you are joining us from an outside location.

Cost/Donations $10 per person

All CedarLight events have a suggested donation of $10 per person. This can be contributed to Dagda’s Cauldron online via paypal to cedarlightgrove@gmail.com. All donations go towards CedarLight Center bills and upkeep.