CedarLight Grove Events:


You do not have to be a member of CedarLight to attend any of our events listed here (unless stated otherwise). All are welcome to attend!


Ongoing Events

High Rites are normally held on the closest Saturday to the actual date but may be changed due to conflicts with other events.

  • Rites of Caffeina– 10:00am Sundays
  • Walk with the Old Ones– Begin between 10:30 and 11am Sundays
  • Lore Meeting after Rites of Caffiena on Sundays, usually 1-3pm
  • Other Classes as scheduled
  • Samhain’s High Rite
  • Yule’s High Rite
  • Imbolg’s High Rite
  • Spring’s High Rite
  • Beltain’s High Rite
  • Summer’s High Rite
  • Lughnasadh’s High Rite
  • Fall High Rite

Rites of Caffeina is a potluck brunch. Sunday afternoons are used for classes, garden work, Witan meetings and more.

Walk with the Old Ones is a short, weekly devotional held after coffee but before brunch.

All of CedarLight’s High Rites are followed by a potluck feast. Everyone is asked to bring a dish to share that serves 6-10 people, and to mark it vegan, vegetarian or non vegetarian. Alcohol is not permitted at any of our public events. Children are welcome at all events unless stated otherwise, but must be attended to at all times. We suggest a $10 per person donation for High Rites at CedarLight Center which can be done through our Dagda’s Cauldron either at the Grove, or online.