December/January events at CedarLight


Dec 2:  Regular morning events.  Afternoon:  Reiki I class for the folks already singed up.
Dec 9:  Regular morning events.  Afternoon:  Yule planning.
Dec 16: Regular morning events.  Afternoon: Finish up lose ends on the H.R.
Record some Yule carols for the rite.
Discussion: The importance of Worldview in seership.
Ref: “Worldview Analysis in a Comparative Context: Fishing for Data in Muddy Waters”; Lucas F. Johnston
Department for the Study of Religions and Environmental Program,Wake Forest University,
3400 Wake Forest Drive,Winston-Salem, NC 27109, USA; Open Source so anyone should be able to access the article. If not, let me know and I can get you a copy.
Dec 23: TBD- We’re trying to figure out if anyone is going to be around.
Dec 27: Reiki Share 7PM
Dec 29: Yule at CedarLight
Dec 30: No Events (We’ll be tired)

Jan 2:  Celtic Music Session  7:30 PM
Jan 6:  Regular morning events.  Afternoon: Omen discussion and initial Imbolc discussion
Jan 13: Events Cancelled due to Snow.
Jan 17:  7PM  Journey to meet Brigid
Jan 20:  Regular morning events.  Afternoon:  Short HR update: Discussion: Imbolc: Birth, rites of passage, purification, rebirth. What is this holiday all about?
Jan 27:  Regular morning events.  Afternoon: Final HR prep and practice of the songs.