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   To bad there isn't a reflections thread for moon rites.  There was a lot to talk about after this one I think.  It went over very well!  Congrats Aleja!
Hi all!

The witan meeting scheduled for 7pm this evening (Oct 26th) has been rescheduled to November 2nd (Monday) at 7pm in Google Hangouts. This meeting is our October meeting; a second meeting will be held in November to meet November's meeting requirement.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Ok, I will not bring him into this rite. No worries.
I am not sure if I will be feeling well enough to make it out, but I would like to add some things to be rid of.
Lack of motivation
Useless fear
Self doubt
Feelings of inadequacy
This cold/flu
Any negativity and strange energy attached to the candle of unknown origin
Self sabotage

Thank you
I will be there, I can help inside as hearthwarden.


What are folks bringing for food?  Trying to figure out what to bring.

The above is a song by Epica that has great cathartic elements. My suggestion for at the end 😉
  Yeah like I said too jarring, and kinda out there.  That was kinda my point, just wanted to know if we still had any gaps that needed to be taken care of in the music so someone else might suggest something a tad more in keeping with the rest of it :)
I'll have to look up that song.  But I don't think so, except maybe something a bit more upbeat at the end, as a release to revels (which are of course an important part of this rite).  What do you think?
   I do love the meditation music!  Are you still looking for other music selections?

    Just asking mainly so you can let us know if so and others can help with that... I don't think I'll be much help in that respect--I do have one song I always think of Sekhmet with, but it is modern hard rock from the 90's (Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun: the original video is ridiculous to the point of being disturbing, even though it gets some things right as per Sekhmet imagery you can find a lyrics only version on Youtube). 

   It links in well with her aspect as the solar eclipsed sun, which, to me anyway, ties in very well with her role as eater of plagues.  It would be jarring I think in this ritual though, so I don't think it will be appropriate--even though I almost wonder if it wasn't written as an invocation to her sometimes, I'll probably listen to it a bit to raise my energy prior to calling her.

   Anyway, we should probably get that nailed down.
  Oh so very many things...  Need to stop, relax, and plan this one a bit... But rest assured, I'm execrating the HELL out of something.    ;D
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