Upcoming events at CedarLight


2/18  Sunday: Regular morning events, doors open at 10 AM
Afternoon Workshop discussions:
-The 9 virtues and how they influence tending our inner fire and walking our talk. This will benefit any who are working on the Dedicant Path.
-Who is Ostara/Eostre? Let’s discuss the Germanic/Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring.

2/22  Thursday: Reiki Share from 7-9pm

2/25  Sunday:  Regular morning events, doors open at 10 AM
Afternoon Workshop discussions:
-Ostara planning
-Rune Class #1  History of the runes. Recommended book for this course is
Diana Paxon’s ‘Taking Up the Runes’

Don’t forget that our next High Rite is on Mar 24th.  See our link on this page or at here:  https://www.cedarlightgrove.org/holidays/ostara/

Upcoming events Jan-Feb


Jan 7: Regular morning events. Imbolc Planning. Shielding 101
Jan14: Regular morning events. Imbolc planning. Ogham the forfeda. This will be the last of our Ogham workshops.
Jan 21: Regular morning events. Imbolc planning. CedarLight annual business meeting.
Jan 25: Regular morning events. Final Imbolc planning and walk through. Final Preparation for the HR.
Feb 3: Imbolc High Rite (see event page for updates)
Feb 4: No events

Upcoming December events


NOTE: Elections are happening, please vote!
Dec 3: Regular Sunday events, an Order of the Dead devotional, Yule lore.
Dec 9: Cemetery Cleanup 9am – ~Noon.
Where: 3821 Forrester Ave, Baltimore MD 21206
We will be helping a local neighborhood association clean up an abandoned cemetery.
Dec 10: Regular Sunday events, journey to meet the deities of Yule, final planning for Yule.
Dec 16: Yule
Doors open at 2:30pm
Sumbel to the Alfar & Desir at 3:30pm
Pre-ritual brief after the sumbel
Main Rite at 5:30pm
Dec 17th: Closed.  No Events after a holiday rite.
Dec 24th: Closed as everyone will be doing things with family.
Dec 31st:  Regular Sunday events, Omen discussion, Basic magical protection.

November events and updates


We raised $1350.00 for Isaac’s Birthday Fundraiser towards a permanent location for ADF.
Hail the Folk!
Upcoming events
Nov 12 Regular morning events
12:30 Order of the Dead Discussion
1:00 Omen Discussion & Yule Prayer
2:30 Magic 101
Nov 18th 11am-2pm
Order of the Dead joining rite
Nov 19th Regular morning events
1:00 Yule Planning
2:15 Divination: Ogham Workshop
Nov 26th Regular morning events
1:00 Journey to meet the deities of Yule
2:30 Yule Planning