ADF’s Response to the Current Events

The following is a statement from the Mother Grove of ADF.
In light of the recent death of George Floyd the Mother Grove is resolved to explicitly and publicly re-affirm our identity as an anti-racist group. Ar nDraiocht Fein does not condone or approve of any form of racism. We believe that all humans deserve equal rights and are devastated by the actions that have occurred this week. We mourn with the family and friends of those who have lost their lives. We stand as allies and friends.
We believe we must examine racism including the actions of individuals and the institutional racism embedded in our society. We are resolved to explicitly and publicly affirm our identity as an anti-racist group. We are shocked by the actions of our fellow humans and committed to working with others toward an equal and fair society.
We ask the Kindreds to grant us the wisdom to know what actions to take, and the perseverance to continue when the work is difficult. Allow us the vision to see the positive pieces of our community and the courage to work to improve the negativeness. Let us show hospitality through our inclusion and appreciation of diversity. May our unified piety bring us together as a community, as we find balance through moderation. We choose to maintain our integrity by upholding these virtues.
We pray for strength and safety for those who are using their voices to protest injustice. We pray for those in law enforcement who are engaging their communities and continuing to work against the systemic faults in our society.
We will continue to work proactively to cultivate an environment where differences are embraced and the diversity of human expression is valued. ADF believes that our community is stronger when all members have a voice and are encouraged to contribute.
In Service,
The Mother Grove

Oct-Nov 2019 Events


Note:  Every Sunday except the one after a High Rite, We have a pot luck brunch, and a a short blessing rite that we call Walk with the Old Ones.  The doors open at 10 am and the rite is at 11:30 am.  The afternoons vary, we could have high rite planning, workshops, discussions, gardening, or other type of activities.

Oct 6:  Regular morning activities.  Afternoon, discussion on the omen from the most recent high rite.
Oct 13: Regular morning activities.  Afternoon, Reiki II class with Caryn MacLuan.
Oct 17:  Earth Healing rite, informal,  Doors open at 7pm.
Oct 20:  Regular morning activities.  Afternoon, Discussion TBA
Oct 26: Biddisson Cemetery Cleanup with the local neighborhood association.  We’ll be out there from 9-12 am. Folks should bring work gloves, garden tools (including any gas powered tools).
Address:  3821 Forrester Ave, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Oct 27:  Regular morning activities.  Afternoon, Final high rite planning and walk-through.

Nov 02:  Samhain High RIte.  Times TBA.
Nov 03:  No Events after a high rite.
Nov 10:  Regular morning activities.  Afternoon, discussion on the omen from the most recent high rite.

Upcoming Events at CedarLight



9/1 Sunday:  Regular morning events, doors open at 10 AM.  Afternoon, Grove work to move the wood pile and clean up the area in preparation for building a firewood shelter.
9/8 Sunday:  Regular morning events, doors open at 10 AM.
Afternoon: Creating native bee habitat in your backyard.
9/14 Saturday:  Possible road trip to the Frederick Pagan Pride Day event. 
9/15 Sunday:  Regular morning events, doors open at 10 AM.
Morning and Afternoon: Operation build a firewood shelter.  Ya’ll Come!
9/19 Thursday:  7PM  Healing Rite for the Earth
9/22 Sunday:   Regular morning events, doors open at 10 AM.  Afternoon, Final prep and cleanup for Harvest Home
9/26 Thursday:  7PM  Journey to meet the deities of Harvest Home
9/28: Harvest Home HR and CLG Thanksgiving celebration. Doors open at 3 PM. See link on left sidebar.
9/29: Sunday:   No Events, we will be tired.

10/6 Sunday:  Regular morning events, doors open at 10 AM.  Afternoon, discuss the Harvest Home omen and preliminary discussion on Samhain.  

Harvest Home Rite


This year’s Harvest Home Rite ritual will be September 22rd, 2018 at CedarLight Center.
3:00 PM: Doors open to the public
5:00 PM: Pre-ritual briefing
6:00 PM:  Harvest Home ritual

CedarLight is collecting Letters to the Grandchildren, a collection of letters into the future that we plan to compile and publish.  One of our big offerings this rite will be print copies of this rite’s letters which is Community and how it builds Spirituality.
Please bring a letter to add and send an electronic copy to:

Please arrive no later than 4pm so that you will have plenty of time to fill out  SHOUT OUT cards for your fellow members to show your appreciation of the work they have done this past year.
All High Rites are open to the public, so feel free to bring a friend 🙂