Our 2017 Election is Complete, Welcome our 2018-2020 Witan Officers!


Today marks the end of our bi-yearly election of Witan officers in CedarLight Grove, ADF. Rev. Crystal Groves and Courtney S volunteered to count ballots, and our results are now in.

Our new elected officers were voted in unanimously as:

Senior Druid: Caryn MacLuan

Scribe: Karen Carothers

Pursewarden: Susan Walter

We have also unanimously approved our new set of bylaws, which we’ll work on updating on the website and implementing over the next couple days.

Look for the installation of officers at this years Yule rite this Saturday!

No RoC Tomorrow or December 25th


This is a reminder that there will be no Rites of Caffiena tomorrow since most of us will be staying up for the long night during our Yule Rite tonight. For those attending our Yule Rite, remember you do not have to stay all night, that part is optional. Ritual will begin at 5pm and we will have feasting and a goods auction afterwards.

There will also not be anything scheduled for December 25th (unless there is high demand) so that we can spend some time with our non-pagan families as well.

Elections are over, New Witan Announced


We held our bi-annual elections this past Sunday, and 16 out of 17 eligible voters placed their vote.

Our new Witan, starting Yule, shall be:
Senior Druid: Wayne Keysor
Vice Senior Druid: Ashley Bryner
Scribe: Taryn Lyon
Pursewarden: Crystal Groves

We will have a small ceremony during our Yule High Rite to honor our outgoing Witan and bring in our new Witan.