Upcoming events at Cedarlight Grove


7/16 Regular Sunday morning events
1pm Lughnasadh planning followed by a journey to
meet the deities
7/23 Regular Sunday morning events
2 pm Ogham Series Workshop
7/30 Regular Sunday morning events
1pm Final HR planning followed by Herb Workshop
8/5 Lughnasadh High Rite
8/6 No Sunday events the day after a HR

Upcoming Events in June


Sunday Jun 11th: Morning potluck brunch. Afternoon Midsummer planning and Ogham workshop #5
Sunday Jun 18: Final Ritual Planning and prep for the HighRite.
Saturday Jun 24: Midsummer Ritual see event page for times. We will probably be having a cookout in the late afternoon with a later rite and desserts after the rite.
Sunday Jun 25: No Events
Thursday Jun 29: Evening Reiki Share 7:00PM

This Sunday at CedarLight


10am Doors open for morning pot luck brunch
11:30 Weekly Blessing Rite
1pm We are having a study hall for anyone who wants to work on or talk about the study program they are working on. I really hope to see all our DP folks there!

Let me know what you are working on and I can bring material from home. Conversely, let us know which programs you are interested in and we can discuss.

Bring your notebooks or laptops and questions, we have resources and answers.

Hail the folk and hail the questers of knowledge!

This weekend at CedarLight


10am Doors open for morning pot luck brunch
11:30 Weekly Blessing Rite
1pm Preparedness #2 Reviewing homework – What did we discover and looking at ways to use solar to make a power outage more livable.
3pm Ogham Class #3. In this class we venture into the 2nd acmi of the Ogham with the letters: Huath and Duir.