Upcoming events


This week at CedarLight.
The normal morning potluck brunch and Sunday blessing rite we call Walk with the OldOnes.

After noon we have a guest speaker, Cat Heath, who will be presenting a workshop on the Anglo Saxon god Ing.

Ing – From God of the World to Devil
The god Ing holds a special position in English Heathenism. As mythical ancestor of the early English, he was an ancestral god, a wain god, a mound god, and god of the harvest.
Join us for a short workshop following a wain-trail of ribald fertility rites, blood-bought crops, “demonic” elves, and a god-made-devil.

*Come join us!

Our 2016-17 Tree Planting Fundraiser


Update:  Our 2016-2017 tree planting fundraiser planted 1019 trees!    Huzzah!  Hail the Folk!

CedarLight’s 2016-17 tree planting fundraiser will run through the end of July. Only $2 will plant a tree. If you still want to donate you can do so through paypal: cedarlightgrove@gmail.com or personally at CedarLight on Thursday or Sunday. Go Go CedarLight!

Upcoming events at Cedarlight Grove


7/16 Regular Sunday morning events
1pm Lughnasadh planning followed by a journey to
meet the deities
7/23 Regular Sunday morning events
2 pm Ogham Series Workshop
7/30 Regular Sunday morning events
1pm Final HR planning followed by Herb Workshop
8/5 Lughnasadh High Rite
8/6 No Sunday events the day after a HR

Upcoming Events in June


Sunday Jun 11th: Morning potluck brunch. Afternoon Midsummer planning and Ogham workshop #5
Sunday Jun 18: Final Ritual Planning and prep for the HighRite.
Saturday Jun 24: Midsummer Ritual see event page for times. We will probably be having a cookout in the late afternoon with a later rite and desserts after the rite.
Sunday Jun 25: No Events
Thursday Jun 29: Evening Reiki Share 7:00PM