2016 Community Service by CedarLight Grove


Just a few highlights of the things we did for our community in 2016
• Weekly public Blessing Rites and other activities
• Monthly public Reiki Shares
• Drive to supply aid to a county Humane Society which got inundated when a local puppy farm was discovered and all the dogs confiscated. We sent several hundred pounds of food and supplies.
• Helped a community organization clean up an abandoned cemetery.
• Planted 635 trees through the Arbor Day foundation.
• Raised $810.00 for food and supplies for Native Americans living on the Pine Ridge Reservation

Go-Go CedarLight Grove!

Upcoming events at CedarLight


Jan 1: No events, enjoy New Year’s Day!
Jan 8: Discussion of Yule Omen, Imbolc Planning
Jan 15: Imbolc Planning & Ogham Workshop #1 (It will be a series)
Jan 21: Reiki I class, Contact caryn@cedarlightgrove.org if interested.
Jan 22: Yearly CLG business and scheduling meeting
Jan 29: Final Imbolc planning and preparation
Feb 4: Imbolc High Rite

Samahin Is Coming!


Join us on Nov 5th for ritual call, honor and dance with the ancestors. See link on this page for more details.
We hope to see you there!

We are continuing to plant trees through the Arbor Day Foundation. You can plant a tree for $1, see our donation can on the table for general donations or send the money via PayPal just be sure to mention the Tree Planting drive.

ADF is running a month long fundraiser in honor of our founder Isaac Bonewits. The fundraiser benefits our land fund to be able to buy a permanent home for ADF. You can donate via paypal at

There is a friendly competition going on between regions. Come on CedarLight, can we set a goal of $10 each? It’s very easy to do via paypal on the ADF website. $10 each, that’s 2 cups of fancy coffee. What do you say?

CedarLight this week(end)


Saturday Oct 15, doors open @ 3pm ritual 6pm
OBOD ‘Answer the Warrior’s Call’ rite.
See event @
And on FB @

Sunday Oct 16 doors open at 10am, Walk With the Old Ones rite at 11:30am,
Samhain discussion and journey to meet the ancestors @ 12:30pm.