How to become a member


The first thing I would recommend is to come to some of our events like Rites of Caffeina, Walk With the OldOnes, Lore Meetings, Highrites or other events lists on our website. It important to get to know the people and the path before making a decision if this is the place for you. I would become familiar with the ADF website and this website to learn as much about us as possible. Then, once you are ready to make an informed decision, you can either download the membership form in a .pdf file or you can pick up a membership packet at the Grove, fill it out and add the membership costs amount. You can then put it in an envelope and just slip into the big brass bowl we affectionately call the Dagda’s Cauldron of Plenty. You can also send the money online. Of course you could mail it to us but I highly encourage you to come and interact with the folk at CedarLight as much as possible because part of the magic of our community is the people that choose to become a part of it.

Blessings and Welcome to CedarLight Grove, ADF
Rev. Caryn MacLuan