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High Rite: Yule

This year’s Winter Solstice ritual will be December 21st-22nd. The main ritual starts at approximately 5pm,  please arrive no later than 4pm (times are subject to change). We will be holding our yearly all night vigil for those who wish to stay for the entire night, but it is not required.  All High Rites are open to the public, bring a friend!

Times are subject to change, please check before you leave.

  • Lore of the Season
    This year we have lots of fun and (safe!) shenanigans planned as we are holding a Topsy Turvy themed night! Our prayer for the evening is:

    • “Joyful Prosperity for the Folk of the Gods”

Our tentative schedule is as follows:

4pm: Pre-Ritual Brief. Please be sure to arrive before then so you can be briefed on the details of the ritual.

5pm: Main ritual. This year’s main ritual is a Saturnalia ritual! We will be honoring Saturn and Ops with Janus as the Gatekeeper. Saturnalia was a time of role reversal in Ancient Rome, thus our Topsy Turvy theme. Everyone’s encouraged to wear an outfit that’s different from what they normally wear (goofy hats DEFINITELY welcome!) We are encouraging fun (but family friendly) offerings that might be a little different from what you normally do.  A funny song, a ridiculous poem, a silly costume you made yourself, etc. Saturn is a god of Agriculture, so associated offerings would be appropriate. Ops is a goddess of prosperity and finer things, so jewellery or beautiful items are appropriate. Janus is a god of beginnings, transitions, and the middle spaces. Offerings of beginning new projects (be careful about oathing though) or honoring a change in your life would be appropriate.

Approx 7pm: Revels!

8pm: Yule Auction. Our yearly auction to fundraise money for the care and upkeep of CedarLight Center, our wonderful building. Be sure to bring your wallets! If you can’t make it to the auction, please feel free to also donate to our online fundraiser (and help plan the main ritual!) here:

9pm: 2nd Annual Bard-off Bardic Competition.

10pm: Quiet Hours begin.

Midnight: Norse Blot (Or Sumbel, TBD) in Dun Elphame

8:30am: Irish Morning Ritual.

  • This Rite is a Responsible Drinking rite
    We have decided that alcohol will be allowed during the all night vigil. We Druids have a very strict virtue of Moderation and uncontrolled inebriation was disrespectful to both the Gods and fellow humans. We all wish to share a good time and celebrate the night with friends, but please do so responsibly. Hard liquor (expect for offerings) is strongly discouraged, but beer, mead and wine is always welcome! Our Senior Druid reserves the right take your keys if you are drinking. (She also wishes to add that she’s small and angry!)
  • Bring a Dish for the Potluck!
    Bring a dish to share with the Grove after ritual if you wish to participate in the feast. Participants who bring a dish to share are welcome to participate in the feast. Your dish should serve approximately 6-10 people. Please label whether your dish has meat or not for our vegetarians. It’s also a good idea to list the ingredients if available.

    • Suggested Seasonal Food to Bring:
      – Chili’s
      – Cookies (gingerbread, but all kinds!)
      – Stews and Soups
      – Beef Jerky
      – Pumpkin Pie (pies in general)
      – Stuffing
      – Loaf of grain bread (no white)

    Considering bringing some small snacks too if you are staying all night. Others will be doing the same so we have plenty to eat throughout the long night.

    There are cans of sodas and bottled water available at the Grove for 50 cents each. Feel free to contribute beverages to the Grove!

  • Yule Auction to support CedarLight Grove!

    We will be having an Auction to help raise money CedarLight Center! We’ve put in a lot of work this year to renovate parts of the building and the grounds. We’re hoping to recoop some of the cost to be able to continue keeping our building beautiful. Our extremely talented members will be donating many goods such as jewellery, handmade divination tools, cloaks, etc. to be auctioned off to raise funds. So bring some money with you! (Please remember that if you are not a member, you must pay for any items you won before you leave.)

  • Bard-Off!
    This year we will be holding our 2nd Annual bardic competition! Prizes and judging rules to be announced. We welcome anyone who is interested in singing, reciting poetry, storytelling, or anything of the like to join! Contact taryn [@] with your interest! Performance pieces should run apprx. 5-7 minutes, no longer.
  • Dress Warmly
    The High Rite will be done outdoors, and it may be chilly. So be prepared and bring some warm clothes. If you have a chair you’d like to sit in during the High Rites, we suggest bringing that too.
  • Cost/Donations
    All CedarLight events have a suggested donation of $10 per person. This can be contributed to Dagda’s Cauldron either at the Grove, or online via paypal to All donations go towards CedarLight Center bills and upkeep.
  • Children and Pets
    We will have children’s activities and crafts planned for this rite, so bring the whole family! Please be sure to attend your children at all time. We encourage the teaching of proper ritual etiquette. Pets however, are not allowed.
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