The witan has voted to keep the driveway reserved for folks with mobility issues (this does not mean you must have a handicapped tag) during High Rites. The rest of us can drop off items and then find another spot. It’s important for the folks who need this consideration to let us know they are… Read Article →

One of the things we like to do at the Fall Equinox is to celebrate the Grove and it’s members.  We do this by asking the folk to send in recommendations about all the good things they have seen their fellow grove mates doing over the past year.  We all do so much in support… Read Article →

Sunday, Aug 16   Initial Fall Equinox Planning after WWtOO Sunday, Aug 23  In-person Witan Meeting @ CedarLight after noon. Thurs, Aug 27   Reiki Share @ CedarLight starting at 7PM  

Sunday May 17: Community Service Field Trip: Park/Stream Clean-up at 1:00. We will be leaving from the Grove after WWtOO (about 1:00 pm). Sunday May 31: Midsummer Planning immediately after WWtOO. In-Person Witan Meeting @ 1:00PM. Sunday June 7: Midsummer Planning immediately after WWtOO. Following the planning session, there will be a Journey to meet… Read Article →

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